Giulia Calvanese


The stars impassive gaze, the sky deigns not to look upon mortals, the astral cold abhors man’s contagion, the vault celestial shuns the earth’s disorder. Thus was the ancient wisdom and thus the modern vivid science repeats. Then heaven’s gaze is given; it understands all and shares all, lifting earth to the heavens as it bends divinity to earth. It is the gaze of care and affection, the gift of grace and life. It is the gaze of the artist who grants to all thigs that they may be. Outpouring mystery of love; the love everlastingly reflected. It is the gaze of the Son of God, image of the invisible pervading all so as to redeem them, the sign of Himself. Heavenly is the divine eye that colors all, bringing the divine celestial spark to all that from heaven descends.

(translation by Gennaro Cibelli, U.S.A.)

Fra Guido Bendinelli o.p.
(Direttore Centro Culturale “Alle Grazie” Frati Domenicani)